Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Session with Mr. Tathagat Roy at Merchant Chamber Hall Kanpur.

Subject:-A Session with Mr. Tathagat Roy at Merchant   Chamber Hall Kanpur on      May12th,2013

Mr. Tathagat Roy started his discussion in a very energetic way and was able to involve the audience in a very positive manner with the help of an interesting Ice Breaker.
The purpose of his  discussion was to take the audience into a relaxed “Space”, free of tension, worries, & various other thoughts which tend to occupy human mind most of the time.
He also emphasized that thoughts  are produced in mind & so mind and thoughts may be synonymous with each other. He also forced the audience to think about a very vital question, ‘’what am I’’.
And during the course of discussion he proved that ‘I’ am not my mind. My entity is different than my mind. So  ‘I’ have capability to watch my mind. ‘I’ have the capability to watch my thoughts.
And, he tried to show this capability of human mind to watch the thoughts witch come and go through a simple exercise.
However,  the way he conducted this exercise was not very effective .
‘I’ which he proved to be different entity than mind and which should be the controller of mind was named by him ‘The space’, or ‘awareness’ or’ self’.
Audience totally agreed to the fact that we should not be controlled by our thoughts  or mind ,rather we should be able to use our mind or our thoughts whenever me need to do so. He meant that we should keep affirming ’I AM’ and visualizing a space in our heart which is peaceful & empty. We can keep experiencing this throughout the day & whenever we need to PLAN or think, we should short using our mind(or thoughts).
According to Mr. Tathagat Roy, we can remain in space & simultaneously  active outward, both at the same time.
He also mentioned the place where this space might be imagined. To clarify this, he gave us an example of Raman Maharishi who was asked by a disciple where in this body was this ‘SPACE’, to which he answered that if heart is slightly towards left in our chest,
then, this ‘SPACE’ where our awareness lies, is situated slightly towards right from the heart.
Finally, to conclude it we can say that the purpose of the talk was to make the audience aware that we can control our mind by being aware that our self is different than our mind .
In my opinion, audience would have appreciated this session more if the speaker would have included a Chakra Meditation focusing o’ Anahat Chakra’ or ‘Heart chakra’.This exercise would help the audience realize & experience “The space” more deeply,the speaker was mentioning again & again.


Mukul Chaudhri  


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