Sunday, December 20, 2009

Short Introduction of Mr. Mukul Chaudhri

Short Introduction of Mr. Mukul Chaudhri
 Born in 1963, did M.Sc.(Stats) in 1985 and PGDBM in 1987.
 Throughout Gold Medalist & Topper during his Educational career.
 Daring, Innovative & Successful Marketer & Businessman having 25 years of experience in Marketing and Projects.Specialising in Marketing in Institutions(Industry&Govt.Depptts.)
 Rich Experience of more than 10 years in holding workshops on subjects related to “Management” & “Positive Thinking & Meditation”.
 Invited as a Faculty & as a Motivational speaker on various public platforms, Industry & Institutions.
 Writer of various Articles / Inspiring Stories on subjects related to “Management” and on “Positive Thinking & Meditation” published in various newspapers / magazines across the country.
 Owner of various internet Groups on “Management” & “Positive Thinking & Meditation” having thousands of members across the globe.