Tuesday, August 23, 2005



Each Basic Workshop is divided into six sessions of two hours each.Each session is divided into two parts and each part consists of 50% Theory & 50% Meditations.

Course contents are as follows:

1)What is Positive Thinking?
2)What is Meditation according to Maharishi Patanjali’s Yog Darshan.
3)Positive Thinking ,Yama Niyama & Dharma.
4)Thoughts & Positive Affirmations.
5)Positive/Creative Visualisation.
6)Importance of Beautiful Natural Place.
7)Scientific Background of Meditation.
8)Forgiveness & Love.
9)Get out of Yourself
10)Attributes of GOD.
11)Importance of Yagya.
12)Solving Human Problems & World Problems .

Approximately 15-20 Meditation Techniques are covered in this Workshop.


Advanced Workshop covers the following topics in depth:

1)Purpose of HUMAN LIFE.
2)Relationship of purpose of human life with BODY(Annamaya Kosha),PRANA(Pranamaya Kosha),MIND(Manomaya Kosha),INTELLECT(Vigyanmaya kosha) & SOUL(Anandmaya Kosha).
3)Goal Setting.
4)Intuition,Clairvoyance & Telepathy.
5)Experiencing the flow of Prana.
6)Opening Energy Centres.
7)Witnessing Atoms inside the Body.
8)How to solve difficult problems by creating a Laboratory & evoking Counsellors(Ancestors,Experts,Doctors,Consultants etc.)Projection into Bricks,Metals(Steel,Copper,Silver,Gold,Diamond),Trees,Plants & Fruits,Pets & finally Human Beings(for the sake of correcting Health Problems).
9)Conquering Five Elemnts(Earth,Water,Fire,Air & Sky)

The above workshops are based on ancient knowledge of six Darshanas (Yog,Sankhya,Nyaya,Vaisheshik,Mimansa & Vedanta)& Upanishadas & their synergy with the modern research in the subjects stated above.